About Us

Thank you for visiting 52pearls.com.  We are the premier dental office job networking site, and believe we have a win-win situation for all dental offices.  A short backstory is in order.  I am a practicing dentist with a small but growing dental office, one who recognizes the tremendous importance of a strong office team.  The reality of a dental team, however, is that it is rarely static.  Growing practices may require additional team members.  Employees retire or leave the team, or even have short term scheduling preferences.  Our dental office faced this reality head on this year, as 3 of 4 full time team members were pregnant and scheduling maternity leave.  In an office that values service and consistency, this is a major concern.  How do you find the right employees and build a dental office dream team?  Online classified postings and paper resumes?  There has to be a better way.

Dentists and hiring managers, as a fellow dentist, I want this site to be a very practical value.  I know of nothing quite like it.  Suppose you are opening the dental office for Saturday afternoons or Tuesday evenings, and current staff cannot clock in, where do you find help?  Or perhaps you would like to hire a nurse or CRNA to assist you with in office sedation dentistry cases?  You have the ability to browse and filter potential employees to best fit your position, and can start building your dream team, or you can post a possible employment opportunity, or several.  As you can see with our pricing, we are practical and do not believe searching for the right employee should be expensive or a random act.

Dental office team members, this site is about you.  We want it to help you land that ideal job, and encourage you to your potential.  Your profile is the opportunity to highlight yourself and dental specific skillsets and your employment preferences.  You may search for posted jobs, but the site is also designed so that an employer could search for you.  If you would prefer full time or just a few hours the 2nd Tuesday of each month, you can specify it.  Think about what may make you a unique candidate.  That may be the key to your next job.  Be more than just a resume.  It will not cost you anything, now or ever.

Nurses, CRNA’s, other Allied Health Professionals- the dental office may not be the first place you think for employment, but there may be opportunity.  Some dental offices provide in-office sedation for dental procedures, treat medically compromised populations, or work in hospital settings.  Perhaps you have a few hours or days free each month that you would be open to assisting a dental team?  Registration does not cost you anything.

No dental office would be complete without the many suppliers and service providers that keep our doors open.  We have space for the dental-specific vendors to advertise by category or geographic search.  The hope is to build the best dental team, right down to the mom-and-pop toothbrush re-bristling service.

Another integral reason we created this website was to help the community. If you are organizing volunteer dentistry events, please contact us. We will provide you with a free employer account so you may advertise your event on our website and connect with fellow dental volunteers.

Please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!